All things funny

These three clocks were on the wall in a restaurant called the Golden Pillow. Of course these three cities are all  in the same time zone….so that’s funny. When we asked for a menu the girl said “I can tell you what we have”. Needless to say it wasn’t a long list. We had a beer and left.

I showed Abel and Lefard some combination locks which they had never seen before. I explained the process of opening a combination lock and told them whoever gets it open first can have them. Lefard won. Later I gave two locks to Abel as well and then gave them a chance to trade the locks for what was behind door #1, #2, or #3. Abel traded his locks and got two chairs (the one’s they’re sitting on). Lefard traded and got a small plastic garbage bin. I told them they could have the locks back, keep what they had or trade for another door. Abel got a pair of work gloves, and Lefard got a flashlight. I don’t think it matters what they had won, they would have traded just to keep the game going. This truck load of bicycles were on the road from Lusaka to Livingstone. Turns out they were part of a campaign by the ruling MMD party in Zambia. Seems each candidate got twenty bicycles to distribute (buy votes). The election is September 20 in Zambia and is often typical of elections, the people want a change but don’t like/trust the opposition leader. Sound familiar?We did the “Lion Encounter” walk last week and spent the afternoon with two adorable (big) kittens called cubs. They will eventually be rehabilitated back into the wild and would rip your face off if don’t follow instructions from the guide. The little stick they hand out is to distract them should they look up and decide to rip your face off.

They recommend you don’t have anything dangling from your belt or clothes because they will play like kittens with claws that can tear open your skin. Even their tongues will lick your skin off after a period of time. We went to Lusaka on Sunday so we could get an early start shopping for music equipment on Monday morning.  We couldn’t fit everything into the Pajero so I had to take two big boxes with bass bins to the bus station which is an absolute Zoo. After a long period of watching the boxes until they were loaded, I returned to my vehicle to find a clamp on my wheel for illegal parking. I looked everywhere for the guy with the key so I could pay the fine. Finally, I found somebody. He walked over to my truck and removed the clamp without undoing the lock. Turns out is was his own little scam. He asked for some money so he could buy some food so I gave him some and couldn’t stop laughing.

Home made sprinkler

Marilyn is a great map reader/navigator but loves to take different routes rather than going on the roads we already know. We ended up on a street full of market vendors and crawled through the crowd until we came parallel with the road we wanted to be on but couldn’t access it because the vendors had it blocked. Eventually, we came to a spot where I could do an illegal maneuver to get out onto the main road and head back to Livingstone. Last time we were in Lusaka, I got three separate tickets from the police and was sure they’d catch me again. They didn’t.

Outdoor performance at a house party

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