Live Entertainment at Wasawanga

Cecilia at recording session

LiPAF is pleased to have partnered with Wasawanga Lodge in Livingstone to make cultural entertainment available to local residents and visitors. Currently, “The Rolling Kencheyo” band sponsored by LiPAF is playing two nights each week as well as hosting the Sunday Night Jam which was previously held each week at the Arts Cafe. In addition, the LiPAF cultural dancers are performing every Saturday evening at Wasawanga.

Traditional Drummers

In other developments, LiPAF is currently working on the final touches for the latest Rolling Kencheyo CD. Initial recording of 13 songs took place in Livingstone in the spring of 2011. Marilyn is now working with a recording studio in Saskatoon, Canada to complete the master. CD’s should be ready for sale within the next few weeks.

Jones on guitar

The CD package includes pictures, song descriptions, and additional information about Zambian culture. Cost of the CD is just $20.00 with all money going to the band members.

Rolling Kencheyo performance

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