Live Entertainment at Wasawanga

Cecilia at recording session

LiPAF is pleased to have partnered with Wasawanga Lodge in Livingstone to make cultural entertainment available to local residents and visitors. Currently, “The Rolling Kencheyo” band sponsored by LiPAF is playing two nights each week as well as hosting the Sunday Night Jam which was previously held each week […]

All things funny

These three clocks were on the wall in a restaurant called the Golden Pillow. Of course these three cities are all  in the same time zone….so that’s funny. When we asked for a menu the girl said “I can tell you what we have”. Needless to say it wasn’t a long list. We had […]


This week we brought Major League Baseball to Zambia. Okay, it wasn’t major and it wasn’t a league but it was definitely baseball. I brought several baseballs, bats and gloves to Zambia back in 2009 but have never had the chance to play a game. My friend, Sidney, who runs a youth sports program […]


Baby hitching a ride

There are so many baby baboons this time of year and it is fun to watch them playing and hitching a ride under their mom. They pass within a few feet when you meet them on a path and I’m never 100% sure who should give way…..they always do.



Back Stage before the show

In Canada I used to look forward to buying a Sunday Star at the General Store and spending the morning reading it and doing the crossword puzzle. This morning, Marilyn and I have been sitting is our porch since 6h00 watching the sun rise and our community come […]

our stats

When we first started our Foundation we used a line from Margaret Mead which read “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Getting the audience up to dance

We haven’t changed the world much but have changed […]

Changing my birthday

I will soon be having another birth day (party) and since this will be the second or third one I’ve had in Africa, I’m thinking of changing the date.   I wasn’t sure if that was actually still allowed since I’m Canadian and not Zambia and our permits to live here don’t make us Zambian. […]


Former Zambian President Dr. Chiluba

This past week, former President of Zambia, Dr. Frederick Chiluba died suddenly. Chiluba was the first democratically elected President who came to power in 1991. He is credited with implementing many democratic changes in Zambia and in promoting a free press. He did try to amend the constitution […]


I have just finished reading a book entitled “The Wayfinders” by Wade Davis. He has traveled extensively and lived among many native tribes throughout the world. He currently makes his home in northern British Columbia. One paragraph may best describe the essence of his writings:

There is no hierarchy of progress in the […]

Another World

For some time, I’ve been wanting to travel with Abel and Lefard after hearing much about their villages. We finally decided to go on Friday and leave Livingstone at 6h00 when the two boys knock off work as our night watchmen. Lefard called on my cell at 6h30 to wake me. We had a […]