Trip to Botswana

When Ryan and Sean were little, my dad (grampa) used to hook up a small trailer to his riding lawnmower and drive them around the yard. I often held them when I cut my lawn. Some say this is irresponsible. I don’t think there was much risk to safety and it was fun to […]

The Internet

Usually I write my blog as a word doc. then copy and paste it into the web site. Before I start writing, I download my pictures from the week before which are on my camera, resize them, and pop them into the text once it is on the blog page. Things are done differently […]

A Bit Of This And That

I felt like I didn’t have much to say this week which was not ‘more of the same old..same old’. As a result I considered sharing some thoughts about Africa based on my own experiences and the books I have read. I discarded that notion in favour of making this blog more ‘educational’ […]

Rasta Night

The ‘dude’ above is Haile Selassie, emperor of  Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. The dude below is Bob Marley who died 30 years ago on May 11th. My name is Bob. How are the three connected?The Answer is simple

Emperor Selassie is known as God incarnate of the Rastafarian movement Bob Marley is known […]


Our grandson Evan makes a new friend -literally

When Marilyn and I decided to move to Africa many people asked us ‘for how long?”. I said permanently because I couldn’t think of a better word to describe that we had no particular time-frame in mind. Marilyn said “indefinitely” which was more accurate.


Stress Factor

After our busy Easter weekend, things slowed down a bit again although we have had a steady flow of guests. This did allow us to spend a bit of  time relaxing with Ed and Nancy who left on Saturday after staying with us for a month. We went on a sunset cruise on the […]

Easter in Zambia

It has been a four day weekend in Southern Africa and people have flocked to Livingstone. There is so much traffic, all the lodges are full, and we have had our busiest time ever at the Arts Cafe. It has been exhausting for all the staff but we are ecstatic about number of […]

Zambian Law

Giraffes at Chobe

Having guests visit us is such a pleasure and forces us to take some time off to enjoy the activeties we sometimes now take for granted. Our trip to Chobe National Park once again reminded us how wonderful it is to see the many birds and animals of Africa. We […]


We’re having a great time with Marilyn’s cousins visiting. We love to show people around Livingstone…..those places off the beaten path which most tourists never see. Livingstone has many different lifestyles depending on socio-economic status. By and large people are poor.

This Baobob tree is estimated to be as much as 2000 years old. […]

Filling up the house

Marilyn’s cousins from Canada arrived on Sunday and Monday and we rearranged our house a bit. We now have the dining room table in our porch and are using the sink and table in the porch for laying out meals and cleaning up. This is actually what we planned to do when we first […]