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African Shoes: The Musical

I must congratulate the whole group for such an amazing performance of AFRICAN SHOES, THE MUSICAL. As a drama teacher in Ottawa, Canada, I can relate to the hard work and dedication needed to stage such a production. I was equally impressed by the acting, the singing, the music, the dancing and the stage directing. Following that memorable night (which is part of my top 5 memories of my 30 day trip to southern Africa), I spent 6 days in Livingstone telling anyone who would listen that they MUST see the show. Good luck on all future projects for LIPAF.   Pierre, Ottawa

Magnificent! Full of heart and rhythm and joy. God Bless. Sheila, Virginia, USA

We really enjoyed the show. The acting and singing is brilliant. It has given us real insight into Zambian lifestyle and culture. Deidre and Sean, Ireland

We loved the songs, music, dance, and story. We would love a CD. Peter and Barbara New Zealand

African Shoes is so educational in terms of our culture and history. It the experience everyone in Livingstone knows. Thanks to everyone involved. Owen Livingstone, Zambia

What a wonderful show – very lively and filled with talent. We enjoyed the performance very much. John and Roger,Washington, DC

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and it is equal to any show we have seen in London. Linda and Steve, UK

Two beautiful shows. So glad we were able to be there to see for ourselves the great work you have done. Keep up the gret work. We miss Livingstone! We recommend everyone add both shows to their list of things to do in Livingstone.  Kathy and Brian.

A wonderful feast for both the eyes and ears. Piere Canada

This is a wonderful uplifting performance from beginning to end. Thank you so much. Robbin, Japan

It was a great evening with a real African flavor. Prof. R. Germany

What a way to remember the Mosi-ao-tunya. Fantastic!!! Tawela, India

A super show and not a typical tourist show. Thanks for a great night of entertainment. Derik, Germany

Dancing Around Zambia

Such energy and enthusiasm. We loved it. Kelvin, Livingstone, Zambia

Fantastic performance. We really enjoyed the evening. Lovely music and dance and beautiful costumes. Roz, UK

I loved it. The dancing and singing were excellent and all the performers were great. Thank you. Bev, PA USA

Brilliant. It brings together the cultures of Zambia in such an enjoyable way. Brenda London England

I have come back to see this show for a second time while on vacation in Livingstone. It is so wonderful that you are keeping the traditions of Zambia alive. Betty UK (formerly of Zambia)

A marvelous performance from everyone. We enjoyed it immensely. Sandra USA

Puts “River Dance” under pressure. Well done! Joyce, Ireland

A beautiful representation of Zambia. Gerard. Kent, UK

Lucy Freeman, on RoughGuides.com

Very highly recommended

“African Shoes” is a must see for anyone who has come to Livingstone in search of the culture. It is a vibrant and colourful musical based on the story of a young Toka Leya high school student who faces the realities of becoming guardian of his family while struggling to complete his education. This all-too-familiar modern-day Zambian story is set against a backdrop of rich and exciting songs, dances, stories and ceremonies of the Toka Leya people – the people of the Falls.

Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation (LiPAF) are a registered NGO so all of the profits from the shows go to support employment in the arts and sponsorship of many important programs in health, education, sports, and poverty reduction – yet another reason to go and see “African Shoes”.