Scholarships program

Thanks to donations from several generous and caring families in Canada, LiPAF has been able to sponsor over 30 children in schools in Livingstone. These young boys and girls ranging from grades 4 to 9, have been given new school uniforms and school fees have been paid on their behalf. Whether their dreams are to become a doctor, nurse, pilot or police officer, they are now on the path to obtaining their goals.

There are thousands of children in the Livingstone area who cannot afford to get an education and we realize our contribution to solving this problem is a small one. However, every bit helps. These children are all vulnerable for various reasons but mainly due to the fact that they are what is called a “double orphan”, meaning both their parents have died.

It now costs $85.00 to send an elementary student to school for a year. The cost for a senior students in Grade 9 is higher, at $150.00, due to examination and school fees. Still, this seems like a small amount of money when the benefits are considered.

Here is just one story:
After a group of children were selected for sponsorship at Linda West Basic School, the teachers and Headmaster realized one young boy had been left off the list. His name is John, and both his parents died within a short period of each other. He is part of a “child-headed” family now, being cared for by his sisters who, themselves, are quite young. John was dropped from the list after he failed to return to school following the April break. However, word came that he had fallen and severely broken his arm and was still in the hospital. Upon hearing this story, we decided to sponsor him and will be taking a special interest in his family to see what others ways we can help.

If you would like to sponsor a child in Livingstone, please make your tax-deductible donation through Devxchange International.

Our special thanks to the following individuals in Canada who made early donations to this worthy project:

  • Sjaak Bregg
  • Edna Caldwell
  • Dina Chipouline
  • Lisa Cluett
  • Denise Gardner
  • Amy Gourley
  • Dr. Ryan Gregory & Dr. Sarah Adomowicz
  • Annette & Gary Hilton
  • Dennis & Kim Koop
  • Len & Kathy Leighton
  • Dr. Andrew MacDougall & Ruth Buchanan
  • Marlene Macke
  • John & Melody Madden
  • Barb Muscat
  • Cindy Perry
  • Bill & Jackie Sullivan
  • Suzanne Ure
  • Leonard Zanth