Faagros Sports Academy

Bob had the pleasure of meeting a man named Fabian Chitambala who formed the Faagros Youth Sports Academy in 1997. Fabian played professional football (soccer) in Zambia and decided upon his retirement to volunteer his time with kids. As of 2005, the  academy had a total of 107 boys playing on teams with ages ranging between 10 and 16 years and one senior team with 23 players, made up of many young people who started when they were quite young.

Early in 2007, Bob and Marilyn conducted a fund raising drive to help the Faagros Sports Academy purchase a bus to transport the teams to various tournaments around the country. This has helped Fabian save money on transportation costs. In October, 2007, Marilyn and Bob were guests of honour at the Faagros 10th Anniversary Tournament which was scheduled to coincide with our visit to Livingstone. Thanks to Anne Springle, who collects soccer uniforms for developing countries, we were able to deliver several sets of uniforms for the members of the Faagros teams.

If you have any previously worn soccer uniforms hanging in your closet and would like to donate them to the kids’ teams in Livingstone, please contact Ann Springle at 705-487-6906.

You can contact Fabian Chitambala yourself at faagros -at- yahoo.com.  Please remember that Fabian and many others do not have their own computers and rely on the internet cafe in Livingstone. This means less frequent contacts than we may be used to in Canada.