Clean water project

At Linda West Basic School there has been no potable drinking water for the children. In addition the lack of drinking water, this situation has other consequences. Imagine the school toilets being used without water to flush them.

The school also has a large plot of land for growing vegetables. In the past they could only plant a small section during the rainy season. In anticipation of the bore hole the students and staff have now cleared a large area and will be able to offer an agriculture training program. Food will also be grown to distribute to the families of destitute students and some may be sold to raise much needed funds for the school.

This project would not have been possible without the assistance of Bob’s brother Dennis Gregory of Calgary. When Dennis heard about this situation at Linda West, he was touched by the plight of these students and undertook to raise money to install a bore hole at the school. Generous donations from some of Dennis’ friends and business associates in Calgary have been collected to bring fresh water to the 1400 students of Linda West. Our heartfelt thanks to Dennis, Doug Hassell, Larry Best, and Paul Stout, who are making this possible and allowed us to bring the “good news” to the school.


Computer lab and library

The bore hole isn’t the only new project taking place at Linda West Basic School. LiPAF has donated six computers and hundreds of books to open a computer lab and library. Currently the school is making a special room available and the opening will coincide with the “turning on the tap” celebration. Not only will students be able to develop computer skills but they will have books to read to further develop their education.